Name: Jonathan Lewis (

Subject: Auto tint

The staff at Shook’s really goes the extra mile for their customers. I could not be any more satisfied with the quality and professionalism of their work. From glass replacement to custom mirrors and window tint, Shook’s is a must have to make your vehicle look great. They have made a customer for life!




Name: Kellie Manning (

Subject: Car tint

Daniel just tinted our car windows and did a wonderful job. My husband and I have been using his services for years and we are always very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for a job well done!




Name: Terre Burnette (

Subject: Car Window Tint

I have an older car,and the transformation it took on when Shook’s tinted the windows was amazing!It’s appearance is so much more appealing now.There is also no more glare in my eyes making it so much easier to see while driving,day or night.My car now stays cooler in Summer months and warmer in Winter.I love my car window tint done by Shook’s Film and Glass!